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“Amazing Good News!”

“I can’t begin to state all that I have learned (and continue to learn as I go back and re-read sections) from this course. The Gospel is even more amazing, splendid, and wonderful than I understood before! It Really IS Good News! And it’s Good News for the whole world, the whole creation. Thank you for your hard work and efforts putting together these courses. I plan to take every one of them!”

“Top Bible Class Course”

“If you want to follow a biblical course with 2 professors with the same enthusiasm as the students and at the same time renew your mind, follow ‘Galatians’.”

“When I saw the possibility to become one of N.T. Wright’s students, I was really excited!”

I am a Brazilian pastor and have worked for almost 25 years in the Highlands of Southern Brazil. This is one of the most difficult regions to share the gospel in my country. I have read many books by N.T. Wright. Udemy courses have provided a special chance to people like me to study with him. These courses have a great impact in my life and church by providing encouragement , sound theology, and practical insights to my ministry. It would be impossible for me to be a N.T. Wright student at Saint Andrews (or anywhere). But Udemy has provided this possibility and I thank God for this!”

“I Just Wanted to Say Thank You”

“Reading the Bible has sometimes been intimidating to me. My church offers Bible study, but it’s a little…light. I really wanted to dive in and study in depth, but wasn’t sure how to begin. This course has been SUCH a positive experience.”

“Cost Effective Learning”

“I am a licensed local pastor for the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Kansas. I am thankful and excited for the courses I have signed up for through Udemy for many reasons. First, would be the cost effective learning. As a pastor I do not make a lot of money and my small church cannot afford the price tag associated with seminary classes that are not degree related. But, in the UMC, we are expected to continue to learn after we receive a degree. So Udemy courses are quality learning at affordable prices. Second, is the quality of learning. Being able to take a course from someone as reputable as N.T. Wright is unheard of normally. Third, I can edify the flock in my care without having to leave the area. Everything I’m learning is passed on in my sermons. Lastly, but not least, is the way my spiritual life is refreshed so I can continue to pour into my congregation. Thank you for making a wonderful learning experience available online!”

“It Has Been a Blessing for Many People”

“I’m an elder for my church in Mexico. The book and the course has been a blessing for me and my church. I have been teaching some series based on the book and course materials, and also some sermons, and it has been a blessing for many people. Several people in my church have got into the discussion about the good news that the gospel brings to everyone.”

“My Expectations Were High”

“I love hearing NT speak even though I rarely feel I can grasp all that he says, but walking through Galatians with N.T. Wright in this format allowed me to break the study into manageable chunks that I could rewind at will to help better track the ideas. I could not recommend this more highly for those looking for a beginner or intermediate bible study.”

“Definitely Worth the Investment!”

“What a wonderfully enriching course! I love the depth and context that Dr. Wright brings to the material as well as his usual gracious and kind manner of dialoguing over controversial matters.”

“Simply Good News, Simply Well Presented”

“Bishop Wright, has in a very gentle way, unwound some of the errors that we as Christians have gotten in our heads over the past 2000 years. He clearly makes the distinction in my mind, between good advice from a nice religion, and life changing, world changing good news about God’s actions and intentions for a new world in which God is fully present with us. He also helps us to understand how we can be part of that New Creation in the in between period in which we live.”