There are many good reasons to study the book of Daniel, but the simplest is this:

The Book of Daniel was central to how Jesus taught and who he understood himself to be.

In this video clip, Professor Wright provides a snapshot of what you can learn about Jesus from the Book of Daniel.


The Book of Daniel, Professor N.T. Wright’s first online course explaining an Old Testament book, will be available later this May! To ensure you receive a major discount the moment it’s available, enter your email here.

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David P. Seemuth

David P. Seemuth

David Seemuth is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Center for Christian Study and coordinates seminars and classes. He and Prof. N.T. Wright collaborate in online course development. David has been an Adjunct Professor at Trinity International University for over 25 years and teaches in the area of Biblical Studies, specializing in the New Testament. He also served as an Associate Pastor at Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, WI for 33 years.
David P. Seemuth

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