Now is the Time to Carry Burdens

Earlier this year, N.T. Wright Online co-sponsored an event in the U.S. A few weeks prior to the event, the coordinator of the event found himself navigating a serious illness in his family.

Every couple of weeks we would touch base on a conference call that included the coordinator. Before we could discuss the logistics, Professor Wright would begin by asking about this person’s family and offered to pray for them.

We were all quite touched by this reminder that, in the midst of our work, hopes, and dreams, our calling is to bear each other’s burdens.

We at N.T. Wright Online join so many who feel a sense of devastation after the mass shooting at the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

In these moments of shock and grief, we want to point fingers, cast blame, and offer solutions. Some of this is appropriate, of course.

However, our first responsibility to each other, as the Apostle Paul says in Galatians, is to carry each other’s burdens.

We hope you will join us in praying for those who have lost friends and family in Texas and in similar events. We also hope this will encourage you to find ways to carry the burdens of others around you.

You can access the entire N.T. Wright Online’s Galatians course here.


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