Project Description

Simply Good News

This course is a short course based on Prof. N.T. Wright’s latest book, “Simply Good News.”

In “Simply Good News,” N.T. Wright will guide you through the chapters of his book through videos that suggest what some of the main points are. You will instantly get into the heart of the idea of ‘good news’ as it was understood by the 1st Century writers of the New Testament. You will be brought into their world in order to make more sense of what ‘good news’ means in our world.
You should acquire N.T. Wright’s book, Simply Good News, in whatever format that works for you. It can be the normal print versions, whether hard cover or electronic, or you may want to acquire the audible version. This course will be a great introduction to Tom’s most recent book that will allow you to live in a place where ‘good news’ makes a difference.

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