Project Description

Bring the wisdom of N.T. Wright to your study group

Small Group Editions is a new resource created just for churches and small group leaders combining the world-class teaching of Professor N.T. Wright with questions written by experts in small group leadership, to help participants get the most out of the course and the group discussion.

Uniquely designed for small groups
The courses in this series combine the video teachings of Prof. Wright with discussion questions designed to spark engaging small group discussion, and help students apply the lessons from the Biblical text.

Courses for the cost of a study guide
Every course in our Small Group Editions is offered for $14.99 per member! That’s about the same price as a typical text-only study guide.

Benefits of group enrollment
For the best experience, each member of your study group should enroll in the online course. Benefits of group enrollment include:

  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Ability to rewatch group study lectures
  • Ability to review and print discussion questions in advance of group meeting
  • Access to all lectures and materials for continuing learning after study group has ended

All Small Edition Courses Offered:

Paul: A Biography. 18 Session Course. Prof. N.T. Wright’s definitive biography of Paul reveals the apostle’s lasting role in Christian history as an inventor of paradigms. Learn More

Simply Jesus. 15 Session Course. Your group will explore the story of Jesus through a historian’s perspective. Learn more

Paul and His Letter to the Philippians. 16 Session Course. Reflect on how to think and live in light of the death and resurrection of King Jesus with your study group. Learn more

Paul and His Letter to the Galatians. 14 Session Course. Prof. N.T. Wright guides your study group through one of the most powerful letters in the New Testament. Learn more

Paul and His Letter to the Ephesians. 13 Session Course. This course begins with the big picture of God’s ultimate intention: bringing forth the joining of ‘heaven’ and ‘earth’ to reunite what had been fractured long ago. Learn more

How To Enroll

  1. Select the course your small group has chosen to study together from the list above.
  2. Fill out the form on the course page.
  3. You will receive an email response with a discounted link and password to access the course page.
  4. All of our courses are hosted on Each participant will need to create an account on Udemy to access the course. The link you will receive via email will take you directly to the course page on Udemy.

All payments are processed through Udemy, the course learning platform.

About N. T. Wright

Prof. N.T. Wright is the author of Simply Jesus, Surprised by Hope, The Day the Revolution Began, and other books, as well as the For Everyone Series of New Testament Commentaries. He has also contributed to newspapers in England such as the Times, the Independent, and the Guardian, and has been interviewed on numerous TV and radio networks, including ABC, NBC, CNN, PBS, FOX, and NPR.

He currently serves as Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Previously Wright served as Bishop of Durham, Canon Theologian of Westminster Abbey, and Dean of Lichfield Cathedral. Over the past twenty years he served as Professor of New Testament Studies at Cambridge, McGill, and Oxford Universities.

N.T. Wright Online is a collaboration between the Wisconsin Center for Christian Study and Professor N.T. Wright of St. Andrews University, Scotland. Together, we’ve developed a series of video courses hosted by N.T. Wright that explore the wisdom contained in New Testament scripture, and how to apply that wisdom to your everyday life. For more information, visit us at